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Catchy and poetic all at once, this blog intends, initially created by Eija V., to appeal to everyone, no exceptions! Everybody knows that the internet seems infinite. If like us, you happen to get lost for hours on the web searching for the latest form of casino entertainment and online casino bonuses you have knocked on the right door, my friend! We have experienced the same issue ever since the beginning of the internet age. However, instead of being hostage to the depth of the internet, we have decided to free ourselves by creating a platform where we could filter what could and would be of interest for all users looking to unwind and be entertained.

Here we're free to talk about our passion for the world of gambling, casino games and online casino bonuses Canada. This rather simple idea required a lot of work and the entire team is extremely happy to launch its first blog entirely dedicated to the finest form of entertainment available on the web, especially the roulette games.

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1Spin Casino
2Royal Vegas
3All Slots

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As well as being the internets foremost experts on online casino bonuses (but unfortunately not the A-Team as the picture would suggest), each and every member of the team is or has been an entertainer of some sort, especially John who was pro poker player before to join us. There are 4 different sections to this one blog, and each one is supervised by one person, and yes your calculations are right, there are 4 people behind this one virtual platform. We –and you- benefit from a short stories writer who is responsible for our section dedicated to books lovers. We also have a game geek for our game section, an infamous gambler who chooses the best online casino bonuses for our casino section and a renowned journalist for our show section and our news section.

You are right this is a pretty balanced team for a blog. Like we have said in our introduction, this website is intended to appeal to a large pool of individuals interested in online gambling and the best casino bonus options. Therefore, it is only fair to gather the most diverse and most skilled team in order to achieve our ultimate goal: to provide you with an outstanding pastime!

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Hi, my name is Rose, I live in Macao and I am the designated person for the book section of this little blog. As well as being a seasoned casino player and an online casino bonuses hunter, I am also a short stories writer. Although my writing consisted of children's books, I eventually moved on to gambling guides after my children moved to college. But we are not here to talk about me, are we? Indeed, in this here section you will find articles and breaking news regarding the latest gambling and casino book releases, the bestsellers, as well as, some new writing styles I would have come across. A diverse reader is a well-informed reader, and I am pledging to always provide you with quality writing, my eternal critical mindset, my expertise in online casino bonuses and my fair judgment!

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I would be the geek of the team! Welcome my name is Duncan and I shall be your personal iGaming guide. I do not pretend to be an expert on the subject, however, I do benefit from an extensive background in the iGaming world from the mere fact that I have been a player and user of the best online casino bonus myself. That is probably why my team tends to call me a numbers geek. From a very young age, I have been attracted to games of all sorts and on all kinds of platforms.

Therefore, it does not come as a surprise to you that I will be providing you with the latest and best free casino games such as free video poker, as well as, the latest games for consoles. You shall then become the most knowledgeable players there is, and although you will not have enough time to try it all, you will never be out of good entertainment, especially if you read and try the games from special editors we have reviewed here. Check out my best online casino Canada tailored bonuses for specific games!

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The gambler? I am very flattered! My name is Louis and after winning a few poker championships on land-based casinos, in my old age I have finally discovered the immense opportunities there are in playing on online casinos including something awesome that is not available at land-based casinos, best online casino bonus. The first one is the cash that is at stake throughout every game in terms of bonuses, and the second one is the variety of innovative games that exist. I will make sure to provide you with the best reviews of the online casinos offering the best online casino bonuses and games. I have to say I received help from the German website I will only consider the safest and most reliable establishments for you and I will only pick the most valuable online casino bonuses in order to make you enjoy your whole casino experience as much as I have been enjoying mine!

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My name is Diana and I will be in charge of covering the TV series section as well as the casino news section. Both of those actually go hand in hand since most of the time our casino news brings you the latest details on the preparation of the launch of the new tournament series. Therefore, thanks to my contacts as a former visual arts student, I benefit from an exceptional insight into the realm of Hollywood. I am currently based in Los Angeles, and in my section, I will rely on you, readers, to email me the topics you would like me to cover for you. Of course, I will also post some of the breaking news that will come my way! Tastes in TV shows vary and it is extremely important for me to build my section of the blog based on your tastes!

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On our website, we pledge to give you the best options for casino entertainment as well as the free casino bonuses to go with them. We’re long-time players and committed to creating a clean and safe industry for all to enjoy. If we recommend particular online casino bonuses for example, then it means we’ve used them ourselves and that we can vouch for the fact they’ve been provided to you by a trustworthy and reputable online brand.

We only give our players the best choice and biggest value when it comes to online casino bonuses so rest assured that alongside all our collated resources, our bonus guide and recommendations are the safest choice you will find anywhere online and to get you off on the right track you can look at our online casino guides.

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