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In this section of we focus on books and book reviews. It’s sort of an eclectic mix; gambling books and guides, bestselling novels plus some examples of great creative writing. Take the subject of gambling, for example, I’m sure many (if not all) of our readers are familiar with guides on how to play their favourite casino games but did you know there are even guidebooks on how to use online casino bonuses? There are even advanced casino game strategy books that focus on a single game type or variant, dissecting their gameplay and pinpointing which strategies to use at the correct time, even down to which casino software developers exact games these tips and tricks work on. So you see, not everything is always online even in this day and age, most of the best blackjack and poker strategy guides are still found in hardcopy rather than online.

Gambling Books and Casino Game Strategy Guide Reviews

Books Books

Here we take a look at the best gambling books and strategy guides available in hardcopy form. Back in the day, the pioneers of gambling math and casino game strategy made their names by writing some of the best books on the subject. These were real casino players who spent hours ‘working’ their craft and developing strategies for the most popular casino games of the day. Take Edward O Thorpe for example, his book ‘Beat the Dealer’ revolutionized the idea of the player’s having a big advantage over the dealer/house in the game blackjack and he single-handedly invented card counting methods that shook the gambling industry to its very core. A lot of casinos lost a lot of money due to Edward Thorpe. Thankfully, some of the best writings on card games and table games are available these days from best selling book sites like Amazon et all so it’s never been easier to get your hands on a copy of some of the best gambling literature available (yes you can still download e-books too if you really have no soul!)

Latest Gambling Book Reviews

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Non- Gambling Book Reviews, Bestsellers and Creative Writing

Reading is a great recreational pastime, mostly because it allows you to relax the body while still exercising the mind at the same time. We love to read as it expands our understanding of things and it gives us room to think and imagine at the same time. Even if you enjoy reading gambling guides and gaming books, reading a selection of literature, both fiction and non-fiction, gives you a break from gambling (which is always good too don’t forget) while at the same time keeping your mind sharp for the next game. Here are some cool books and bestsellers you should read during your gambling downtime:

Latest Non-Gambling Book Reviews

Our Top 10 Gambling Books – Recommended Reading List

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There are simply too many great books about gambling to review so we thought it’d be a good idea to create a ‘Top 10 Gambling Books’ list so that players can still benefit from some of the best gambling literature out there. Over the years, some of the best books on blackjack, poker, roulette and gambling probability have been written by none other than the players themselves, so the majority of the information has been collected first hand through trial and error. They have developed detailed gambling systems which they share in their books. Other books, such as those on gambling probability, were written by mathematicians, so these titles can be a bit heavier in terms of content. Some books on this list may already be reviewed by us already, so you get the chance to read about them beforehand and get a detailed opinion of the book before purchasing it. Here’s our list of the Top 10 Gambling Books:

#1. Beat the Dealer – E Thorpe

#2. The Man with the $100,000 Breasts – M Kolnik

#3. Blackbelt in Blackjack – A Snyder

#4. Burning The Tables in Vegas – I Andersen

#5. Knock-Out Blackjack – K Fuchs

#6. Win at Poker even if you’re Canadian – D Negreanu

#7. Old Poker Badmen – D Brunson

#8. Paceville Days: Real Life Roulette – J.P De La Vallette

#9. Reggies Dice Game – D Chappelle

#10. Game of Chance: Roofie Roulette – D.A Terape

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